roasted broccoli salad recipe

I’m a creature of habit. I could eat this Roasted Broccoli Salad recipe for days, variations of it or just as is. That sounds like some kind of torture, the same thing for lunch for day after day, but it’s not. I love this salad because it’s easy to prepare, is loaded with good for […]

blood orange gin & tonic recipe

I am not that witty person to come up with clever names for themed libations but I do enjoy a simple sip to celebrate any occasion, like this Blood Orange Gin & Tonic recipe. A few years back I hosted an Oscars party complete with take-home golden Oscar necklaces and a sparkling buffet. I created […]

host a favorite things party

2.20.15 Learn how to Host a Favorite Things Party She gets around and she brings her entertaining know-how to us! Learn how Robyn Jones, Berks County Living publisher, hosts her party of the year, The Favorite Things Party.  Listen to this episode on iTunes  or on The People Chronicles.

tried it tuesday : Laxmis Indian Grille

What it is:  Berks County’s newest eatery opened to much buzz and anticipation. The Wyomissing location is the newest of 3 Laxmis Indian Grille Restaurants in the southeastern Pennsylvania area, two other locations are in the Philadelphia area. Located near the Berkshire Mall with plenty of parking and convenient from 222 it made for the perfect […]

fad diets & getting healthy

2.13.15 Fad Diets & Getting Healthy What 100 things should be in your lunch box? You are about to find out! Dr. Aparna Mele visits to talk sense into diet panicked folks. We all know you may have forgotten those New Year’s resolutions. Dr. Mele keeps eating well easy by sharing many helpful, attainable tips. Dr. […]

AP Cake

We can agree no excuses is necessary for an easy comfort food recipe, PA Dutch-style. I was going to suggest the weather made me do it or unexpected company but how about nostalgia or just because AP Cake is so plain easy to whip up and is just as good on day two (but really […]

fashion fairy godmother

2.6.15 Fashion Fairy Godmother: Intimates  Intimates expert Robin Keister Horman, Owner of LiliBea’s and our very own fashion fairy godmother, visits to talk bra fittings and cleaning up our intimates drawer. We love her little shop located on Penn Avenue, in the heart of West Reading. It’s more than intimates at LiliBea’s. You’ll find swimsuits (when in season), […]

rum and spice sweet potato waffles

Let’s get this out of the way up front. Waffles. Rules don’t apply to waffles. They can be prepared either sweet or savory. These rum and spice sweet potato waffles can be enjoyed as a savory dish and vice versa. Want to sneak more veggies into your diet, looking for a creative use of inexpensive […]

buffalo cauliflower bites

These vegan and gluten-free Buffalo Cauliflower Bites are so good and guilt-free! I’ve been playing around with this recipe since we tasted a deep fried version at a local brewery. I do not eat chicken wings. I just don’t but do want a spicy, crunchy bite to enjoy as a tasty appetizer. Hope you enjoy these […]

chili lime sweet potato wedges

The secret is in the sauce or, in this case, the salt. The Chili Lime Sweet Potato Wedges are a perfect side for entreating or a quick weeknight dinner. These are Dan approved! I’d suggest triple batching the salt blend. Keep it on hand for roasted veggies or oven-baked fries. I insist on using fresh […]

sweet whiskey bbq sauce

Sweet Whiskey BBQ Sauce is easy to prepare and will keep, refrigerated, for 2 weeks. Put a batch of the sauce in a slow cooker, on low, to keep meatballs warm for game day eats or entertaining! Serve with Chili Lime Sweet Potato Wedges. Sweet whiskey BBQ Sauce   Print Prep time 5 mins Cook time […]

avocado salsa

This Avocado Salsa is by far the easiest dip recipe you will serve up. When I know friends are coming over, for a laid-back get together, I put a bowl of this dip out with a bag of tortilla chips (sometimes I get really fancy and put the chips is a bowl) and this dip […]

vegan baked oatmeal

The first time I had baked oatmeal was in a Lancaster County diner. I love a good bowl of oatmeal for breakfast but this took it to a whole new level! We grew up on honey drizzled oatmeal and grits not boxed sugary faux food. The baked oatmeal was more like an oatmeal cake but […]

my Q&A with Chef Aaron McCargo Jr

Chef Aaron McCargo lit up the crowd as soon as his smile and energy hit the stage. I’m not going to lie, I do not watch “The Next Food Network Star.” This was my first introduction to Chef Aaron and it’s easy to see why he won the Food Network Star title and earned the […]

PA Farm Show 2015

(I won a BLUE RIBBON!! My team, under the leadership of Chef Jason, took first prize at the PA Preferred, Thermador Chef Challenge. Behind the scene photos and more below.) Let’s take this from the top and keep it simple. In my 2013 post I told you not to miss the maple syrup products and […]

pineapple kiwi smoothie

You must resist the desire to add rum to this healthy Pineapple Kiwi Smoothie. Think kale instead! Pineapple is knows for the natural enzyme bromelain, found in it’s core. Don’t throw that core away, it may be a bit fibrous but it’s really good for you. The natural enzyme bromeliad is helpful in reducing inflammation […]

cherry lime smoothie

I make this tasty Cherry Lime Smoothie with various additions, sweeteners were not necessary. Add a bit of creaminess by using a cherry flavored dairy or non-dairy yogurt. You will be adding extra calories and sugar so just be aware, if calories are being counted. The addition of granola takes it to another level in the […]

restorative detox smoothies

Resorting to detox is often a post-holiday ritual. We indulge … then cleanse … then repeat. Buying into a cleanse-in-a-box, or deferring to a cabbage soup or cayenne honey tea diet is how some rebound from holiday indulgences. But the tastiest way to start a healthy eating plan is to resolve to eat the rainbow. […]

no-bake granola bar

Looking for a healthy snack to break some bad snacking habits? This is it. My No-Bake Granola Bar (vegan) recipe offers flexibility for personal taste, is easy to prepare, keeps well when refrigerated and uber chewy when chilled overnight. It’s likely to please the little ones as much as the grown ups. Hop to it, tomorrow […]

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