lemongrass and coconut curry soup

I’m a soup lover (I’m also a closet donut lover. Achenbach’s peanut butter Long Johns to be exact). I feel like we need to talk about this Lemongrass and Coconut Curry Soup. Soups are the most cost-effective, timesaving, party-centric and flavorful ways to eat well. A little bit of a whole food ingredients goes a […]

orange spiced butter

If you really care about your friends and neighbors you would thank them more often … with this Orange Spiced Butter, Whiskey Maple Pumpkin Butter and freshly baked biscuits.  The perfect pairing for roasted sweet potatoes to salmon. Easily prepare this as a vegan recipe by substituting the butter with Earth Balance vegan butter. I wish I […]

dad’s chicken soup

Dad’s Chicken Soup is a favorite soup in the Shunakis household. Aside from figs (grown on my dad’s trees), this soup is the only thing Dan will ask for when we visit my folks. Make your own broth or use a good quality, low-sodium store brand chicken stock. I prefer to cut the vegetables in […]

homemade mustard recipes

Looking for the perfect food gift beyond a bottle of wine? Try these homemade mustard recipes. Sound unassuming to you? Maybe not as glamorous as you might think? Here is the scoop on mustard: you love it and I’m going to show you how easy it is to make it from scratch. You can’t enjoy […]

adams county eats, apple podcast

Put the Adams County’s Mason Dixon Wine Trail, orchards and eateries on the top of your to-do list! Adams County Eats, Apple Podcast with Ellie Hollabaugh Vranich. She speaks with me about cider donuts, apple storage and apple recipe inspiration. 11.7.14  Adams County Eats, Interview at Hollabaugh Bros. Farms Listen to this episode, in iTunes, […]

green goddess soup

Does the seasonal broccoli abundance, busting in local farm stands and markets, seem to get you stumped? Green Goddess Soup is what you need to make. Aside from being rather easy to prepare you can play with the flavors. I’ve prepared the recipe without dairy or meat, it’s naturally gluten-free. So, it’s a good for […]

fall planting and garden clean up

The Fall Planting and Garden Clean Up podcast episode is up! We went to the gal who knows growing, Nan Reinert, founder of Chubby Pickle Farm. Nan talks about her favorite holiday (at least it’s what Ghosty thinks) and getting your garden ready for winter. Curious what Tracy’s Halloween candy weakness is or wanna to know what […]

how to make kombucha

10.24.14 How to Make Kombucha Lisa Mitchell, local fermenting goddess and berry patch farmer visits to talk all things kombucha. Tracy meets Scoby for the first time! You’ll not believe how easy it is to make kombuch at home and we hope you give it a whirl! Listen to this episode, in iTunes, by clicking here. […]

tried it tuesday: fruit butter

I took a road trip last week, with a friend enjoys random drives to beautiful places (not to be confused with a shopping or strip mall). My mission was to pick up fruit butter to stock my online and local Pure Food Pantry (locally at Allison’s Clothing Co. in West Reading and Junk to Jazz in Shillington). I […]

eat and do gatlinburg guide

My eat and do Gatlinburg Guide. Never heard of Gatlinburg? It’s in Tennessee. This post is a doozie, I’m stuffing this blog with photos too. Tennessee is too beautiful and so very worth the drive from Pennsylvania. When we told my brother we were heading out this way to be vendors in the Gatlinburg Craftsmen’s […]

Savory Stuffed Acorn Squash

Another recipe born of local, seasonal produce and shopping my own pantry shelves is this Savory Stuffed Acorn squash. Dinner on a dime and it’s healthy too. I made this several times and Dan (the meat eater) enjoyed each batch. You can easily substitute the rice with quinoa. This recipe is vegetarian but a rather […]

Jewish Food & Cultural Festival podcast

Get the Inside Scoop on the Jewish Food & Cultural Festival (click here) Fresh blintzes, bagels and lox, knishes, chicken matzo ball soup, apple cake and ruggalah…shall I go on? We know where we’ll be on Sunday, November 2nd. Join us! Amanda and Barbara members of Wyomissing’s Reform Congregation Oheb Sholom, talk about what sells out, what […]

making moments matter: podcast

 (click here to listen in) Making moments matter is the mantra of Andy Hayes, founder of PlumDeluxe.com. He visits to shares his Portland perspective, vision for the magazine and upcoming projects for Plum Deluxe. You’ll never guess what he views dozens of when looking out his window… no, it’s not pizza shops or cupcakeries. Also, […]

dessert beer podcast

9.26.14 Dessert Beer Sampling with Kevin Bennett of Local Buzz Consulting < — click here to listen in Ever thought you could pair a beer with cheesecake or make a beer float? Well, you can! In this dessert beer podcast, we sample three local beers with local beer and spirits expert, Kevin Bennett of Local Buzz Consulting. […]

apple harvest salad

It’s apple pickin’ season and I have a simple, crowd pleasing Apple Harvest Salad recipe that’s as good for you as it is flavorful. The superstar of the dish is a freshly picked apple. Yup, it’s that simple and that splendid at the same time. I visited Weaver’s Orchard, my local orchard, to find a […]

the culinary classroom experience

When stepping into Linda Bell’s TheCulinary Classroom, the first thing you’ll notice won’t be anything visual. I mean, there is a gorgeous island (more like a cooking runway), freshly cut flowers, cucumber water and a plate of cheese and crackers. And, let’s not overlook the rustic farm table laid out with the evening’s course work […]

Lancaster Central Market : Wendy Jo’s podcast

We had a special guest in the recording studio this month. Wendy Jo Hess of Wendy Jo’s Homemade stopped by to share sweet stories. We talked about how her bakery business began, some of her favorite recipes and her client’s favorites. This link will take you right there. By the way, she makes killer chocolate chip cookies! […]

easy raw beet slaw

Looking for a fresh approach to beets and butternut squash? I’ve been on the road recently, talking about seasonal, wholesome eating (love!). One of the recipes I shared is this Easy Raw Beet Slaw. You’ll love it for 3 reasons. It’s super inexpensive. It’s quick to prepare. You can play with the flavors. BONUS: it’s […]

moroccan stew

You may say whatever you like but summer is not over, just yet. I will concede it might be cooling down and the sun is starting to set a bit earlier but that’s as far as I’ll go. With farm stands bursting at the seams with hearty vegetables I suppose it’s time we have that […]

fig lancaster & fig cocktails podcast

Click here for the Fig Lancaster & Fig Cocktails podcast episode with the 2 Weird Hungry Girls. Theresa Yerger and Josh Seibert, of Fig Lancaster, stop by to chit chat about all the fabulous things going on in the heart of Lancaster. Your local to-do list just got loads longer! Get the scoop on where to grab a great beer and pizza […]