chilled cantaloupe soup

This Chilled Cantaloupe Soup always surprises folks who would otherwise never enjoy it because of the cantaloup. I think it’s one of those flavors you love or don’t.  It was always a favorite of my private chef clients and I’ve served it for special events. (the secret is peaches)     chilled cantaloupe soup   […]

save the kales : vegan podcast

8.15.14 Jaime K., of Save the Kales (vegan TV show)  <– click here to listen Vegan TV show host of Save the Kales, Jaimie K., visits the Phoebe’s Pure Food’s 2, Weird Hungry Girls podcast! She fits right in for this vegan podcast theme. We talk about Bethlehem VegFest 2014, Jaime’s TV show, what being vegan means […]

chilled berry soup

You will want to make this Chilled Berry Soup because it’s easy and refreshing on a warm afternoon. You may not want to share. It’s perfect to serve as a palette cleanser or to compliment a light meal of tea sandwiches and a salad. You should totally make tea sandwiches. Chilled Berry Soup   Print Prep […]

farm-to-table : podcast

8.8.14 Farm-to-Table Recipe Inspiration The smokey mountains, moonshine, France and local recipe inspiration. It’s connected, I promise. Guest and blogger Rachel VanDuzer, of Rachel’s Farm Table, joins us for a tasty food inspired episode. Rachel has some links to great recipes. She has also mastered an amazing pizza crust. I am always fascinated by anyone who can make […]

blueberry recipes {guest post}

I’m so very excited to share this special guest blog post. It’s full of blueberry recipes and Maine memories. Heather is a beautiful transplant from Maine. She resides in Berks County and we are so happy to have her. (Maine, you can’t have her back but for short vacations. She is ours now.) She is […]

fruit juice recipe

One of my favorite ways to preserve the flavors of summer is infusing fruits into something or other, to be used later for a sweet or savory recipe. I’m not gonna lie… I infuse gin and vodka.  And rum. I infuse rum too. Don’t judge. I have an amazing strawberry gin that screams summer come […]

blackberry margarita freezer jam

It’s all about the berries this time of year here in Lancaster and Berks. Being a bit busy on the road (Dan has a woodworking business) is hardly an excuse to not sneak in some necessary berry preserving. I’ve got Christmas gifts on my mind and this Blackberry Margarita Freezer Jam will be lovely this winter. If I […]

freekeh tomato salad

Nothing is better than sun-ripened fruits and vegetables. I’m talking about peaches that leave a trail of juice dribbling down your chin and arms. A sun-warmed, slightly sweet tomato. Poppin’ blueberries or beans off the vine screams summer to me. Come on, you know the thought of freshly picked strawberries makes you salivate. How do […]

local farm markets & summer growing: podcast

This week’s podcast is chit chat about Local Farm Markets & Growing Your Own! We speak with Nan Reinert of Chubby Pickle Farms. She shares some tips for mid-summer edible garden growing. We’ll also share some of our favorite, local farmer’s markets. We always laugh lots when Nan visits. Listen in and learn! Catch my recent guest […]

mushroom white pizza

You can’t imagine how excited I was to discover Tom’s Bread now offers pizza crusts. Two, 12-inch freshly baked crusts in a pack! It’s twinsies! I love an excuse to save time on dinner and this was less expensive than frozen or take-out, not to mention a healthier alternative. Shopping Lancaster Central Farm Market, or […]

blueberry pie

This is not the time of year to be kicking back and sipping a summer wine. Well, maybe it is but only if you are getting a move on to savor the local flavors of summer. The Blueberry Pie recipe I’m sharing is so simple that you can kick back, sip your summer wine and enjoy […]

the boy & his banjo: podcast

My favorite local performer stopped by to share a bit of his musical talent.  Conlan Kerschner, inspired by his grandfather’s passion for bluegrass music, has been playing the banjo since he was knee high to a grasshopper. I know you will love his performance. Conlan gives Steve Martin a run for his money! The Boy and His […]

swiss chard and patty pan sauté

I had some fun yesterday as a guest on Robin Costenbader-Jacobson’s program, the Greater Reading Public Eye, on BCTV. You can catch the episode here. I admire Robin and the opportunity to be a part of her show was thrilling. We talked about food inspiration. There was something else I wanted to share and forgot. Oh wait, I […]

warm cherry tart {gf, vegan}

Do not make this recipe if you plan to be alone with the freshly baked tarts. They are irresistible. I don’t joke about sweets. I originally shared this recipe about 4 years ago-ish. It’s still a seasonal favorite of mine. This recipe can be whipped up in no time, is perfect for summer berries or stone […]

corn and blueberry salad {gf, vegan}

I think you need to make this Corn and Blueberry Salad for 3 simple reasons. It is perfect to have in the fridge for a quick dinner as a salad topper or a summer side dish. (add grilled/cooked fish pr poultry, if you prefer) Both blueberries and corn are in season. (Corn is controversial for being […]

raspberry vinaigrette {gf, vegan}

This is a basic recipe you’ll want to have in your back pocket all summer long!  I am madly in love with infusing vinegar, gin, rum and vodka with fruit.  This Raspberry Vinaigrette give you a good excuse to try something savory with seasonal berries. Use this dressing with a mixed greens salad or in […]

cocoa bites {gluten-free, vegan}

4 truths for this week: It is too hot to be cooking. Chocolate cravings are not heat sensitive. Savoring something sweet shouldn’t be a hassle or compromise your eating well plan. You need to make these Cocoa Bites. They are gluten-free vegan too. Susquehanna Style Magazine recently asked me to share three gluten free recipes.  […]

the basket weaver at the kutztown folk festival: podcast

It might be the hottest part of summer but it’s a festival not to be missed. Folks come from beyond the tri-state area to experience the nation’s oldest folk festival. It’s more than quilts. Special guest Vivian Aron (a dearest heart friend) visits the podcast to talk about her years at the festival selling her […]

citrus balsamic dressing

This is a basic recipe to get you started as you plan summer salads (I gave you a simple guide). You should never be buying dressing. Make your own to save money, know what you are eating and play with flavors. Here is a recipe to get you started. I recently did a cooking class […]