vegan chocolate chip banana bread

Due to the winter weather we just survived a shaking off our hibernation is in order. I’ve got a healthy, sweet snack in mind, my Vegan Chocolate Chip Banana Bread. Sweater shedding weather is just around the corner and you’ll want a low-fat, low-sugar breakfast or snack on the run. I like to feel as […]

blueberry lemon polenta

Remember that time you wish you liked eggs enough to enjoy french toast? Everyone else seems to enjoy it. The warm and crispy crust and sweet filling? I don’t like eggs and by association french toast. My Blueberry Lemon Polenta is perfect breakfast and as a vegan, gluten-free french toast substitute. In my recent Quick and Easy […]

African Stew

So, here’s the scoop. I’m sharing my African Stew recipe from my Quick & Easy Dinner Dishes cooking class at Zest!, in Lititz, inspired by my Roasted Red Pepper Sauce.  We are going to call it an African Stew because of the fragrant spices and simple tomato and pepper base you’ll be using. My African Stew is […]

Quick and Easy Mediterranean Stew

If you are looking for a quick, easy, healthy and flavorful family dinner… (that’s a long list) my Quick and Easy Mediterranean Stew fits the bill. In a recent Quick & Easy Dinners cooking class at Zest!, in Lititz, I shared a basic Roasted Red Pepper Sauce recipe and several ways to use it. To save […]

roasted red pepper sauce

I love cooking from my pantry. I love whole foods and I love real foods. If you snuck (or would that be sneaked) into my pantry you will find a shelf full of jarred legumes and rices. Just below it you’ll see a shelf packed with canned tomatoes, beans, jars of honey, jam, sauces and […]

farro citrus salad

During a recent cooking class at Zest, in Lititz, I shared a recipe for Farro Citrus Salad. I enjoy it as a light dinner, served on a bed of mixed greens with a slice of manchego and toasted fresh bread. It’s quick, easy, healthy and flavorful. It’s even better on day two and makes a […]

smelly marigolds

It’s time to start garden planning, smelly marigolds included. Local expert Nan Reinert, founder of Chubby Pickle Farms, is full of green tips. Nan shares seed selection, starter tips and gushes about her favorite plants. It’s always a fun show when Nan visits. Get growing, Nan says! Listen to this episode on iTunes  or on The People Chronicles. […]

spiced lentil soup

With kitchen time in mind, economical and easy are wonderful words. But being short on time doesn’t have to mean a compromise on eating well. Soup is an easy bargain to make, the perfect pairing of healthy convenience and cost savings—not to mention the comfort a bowl of soup brings. Let the scents welcome family […]

pure food for thought

Happiness is Always an Option, says Shane Burcaw. What keeps Shane pushing past his fear? Phoebe, host of Pure Food for Thought, is joined by local author, world renown blogger, Emmy Award Winning video producer and founder of Laughing at my Nightmare, Shane Burcaw. Shane shares a bit of food for thought with Phoebe. It’s […]

potato salad & pistachio lime dressing

With all the chitter chatter about St. Patrick’s Day going on around here (no one is here… it’s just me and Dan and he’s busy in the woodworking shop), I wanted to make my own Green Potato Salad & Pistachio Lime Dressing as a celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. I mean, potatoes.  That’s Irish, right? […]


To get our St. Patrick’s feast off on the right foot, Mary Ellen Mahan, local fitness motivator and library lover with deep Irish roots, opened her Irish family recipe box to share her Irish grandmother’s recipe for Colcannon. She’s sharing a quick and simple recipe you may use over and over for holiday feasts. (Vegetarian […]

Irish Soda Bread

Last year was the first time I ever tried my hand at an Irish Soda Bread, as part of my Berks County Living column, Phoebe Savors Berks, Berks County Living Style. This year another local friend dug into her family’s recipe box to share two Irish recipes. Mary Ellen Mahan’s grandmother emigrated from Ireland and recipes […]

roasted broccoli salad recipe

I’m a creature of habit. I could eat this Roasted Broccoli Salad recipe for days, variations of it or just as is. That sounds like some kind of torture, the same thing for lunch for day after day, but it’s not. I love this salad because it’s easy to prepare, is loaded with good for […]

blood orange gin & tonic recipe

I am not that witty person to come up with clever names for themed libations but I do enjoy a simple sip to celebrate any occasion, like this Blood Orange Gin & Tonic recipe. A few years back I hosted an Oscars party complete with take-home golden Oscar necklaces and a sparkling buffet. I created […]

host a favorite things party

2.20.15 Learn how to Host a Favorite Things Party She gets around and she brings her entertaining know-how to us! Learn how Robyn Jones, Berks County Living publisher, hosts her party of the year, The Favorite Things Party.  Listen to this episode on iTunes  or on The People Chronicles.

tried it tuesday : Laxmis Indian Grille

What it is:  Berks County’s newest eatery opened to much buzz and anticipation. The Wyomissing location is the newest of 3 Laxmis Indian Grille Restaurants in the southeastern Pennsylvania area, two other locations are in the Philadelphia area. Located near the Berkshire Mall with plenty of parking and convenient from 222 it made for the perfect […]

fad diets & getting healthy

2.13.15 Fad Diets & Getting Healthy What 100 things should be in your lunch box? You are about to find out! Dr. Aparna Mele visits to talk sense into diet panicked folks. We all know you may have forgotten those New Year’s resolutions. Dr. Mele keeps eating well easy by sharing many helpful, attainable tips. Dr. […]

AP Cake

We can agree no excuses is necessary for an easy comfort food recipe, PA Dutch-style. I was going to suggest the weather made me do it or unexpected company but how about nostalgia or just because AP Cake is so plain easy to whip up and is just as good on day two (but really […]

fashion fairy godmother

2.6.15 Fashion Fairy Godmother: Intimates  Intimates expert Robin Keister Horman, Owner of LiliBea’s and our very own fashion fairy godmother, visits to talk bra fittings and cleaning up our intimates drawer. We love her little shop located on Penn Avenue, in the heart of West Reading. It’s more than intimates at LiliBea’s. You’ll find swimsuits (when in season), […]

rum and spice sweet potato waffles

Let’s get this out of the way up front. Waffles. Rules don’t apply to waffles. They can be prepared either sweet or savory. These rum and spice sweet potato waffles can be enjoyed as a savory dish and vice versa. Want to sneak more veggies into your diet, looking for a creative use of inexpensive […]

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