swimsuit podcast episode

Swimsuit Daring, not Doom It’s a swimsuit podcast episode. I forgot to bring the poolside inspired cocktails but there is some swimsuit daring, not doom to lighten our shopping mood in this episode. It’s an audio or video podcast. Robin Horman, Owner of LiliBea’s, A Place for Intimates, showed us several swimsuit tips for all […]

lemon roasted vegetable salad

Spring is popping in Lancaster Central Market and it’s time to grab it by the handfuls! Lemon Roasted Vegetable Salad will put you in a spring frame of mind. Roasting is the easiest way to prepare a quick meal using symbolic spring vegetables (asparagus, new potatoes and radish). While you are all grabby at market, pick […]

roasted red pepper dip

Pass on the cheese ball, or keep the cheese ball, but add this healthier, oh-so-simple, savory variation, Roasted Red Pepper Dip. Did you know that you can save fat and calories by substituting soft cheese for hard cheese? Adding non-fat Greek yogurt to dips is also a secret of mine. Looking for an alternative to […]

for the love of butterflies

For the love of butterflies … and the birds and bees! It’s a PA native plant podcast episode. I never understood, as a child and teen, why my mom spent so much time in her garden. Weeding? It just didn’t make sense. She would be outside for hours, sitting on her plastic gardening bucket making […]

mese en place your pantry

Mese en Place your pantry Stop wasting time and money in your kitchen! Rachel Gambone, owner of ReOrganize with Rachel, stops by to make pantry organization a breeze to save you cash and keep you kitchen inspired. Listen to this episode on iTunes  or on The People Chronicles. ReOrganize with Rachel website • ReOrganize with Rachel podcast

matcha latte

Green tea may be healthy but matcha tea packs a healthier punch and it’s been rather food trendy. These two matcha latte recipes introduce you to matcha powder. Featured in my Berks County Living Bites & Sips column as a perfect paring with Berry Limoncello Trifle recipe. Matcha is a powder made from whole green […]

laughing at my nightmare

Laughing at My Nightmare Local (though internationally known) blogger and writer Shane Burcaw parked it with the 2 Weird Hungry Girls to talk taters, haters, lovers and happiness. Happiness is Always an Option. Listen to this episode on iTunes  or on The People Chronicles. Laughing at My Nightmare website • Instagram • Facebook • DONATE psst… Guess what one […]

baked tater tots

Is there something in your mouth? Like, right now?! Drop it out. Get it out of there! You need to put these in there and if there is some kind of mess in your mouth there won’t be room for these crunchy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside Baked Tater Tots. I […]

just breath

Just Breath :  Glenna Seelig, the most kind, intuitive and thoughtful massage therapist visits to talk about wellness. Glenna shares her wisdom of our body’s natural ability and simple tips for self-care between massage visits. If you are looking to connect with Glenna please leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to send you […]

pure food for thought

This month’s episode of Pure Food for Thought (on The People Chronicles) brought a special guest. There is no better baked bread, soft pretzels and cheese than what can be found at the Wonderful Good Market, at Stout’s in Adamstown. Talk about food that’s lovingly prepared, it’s where Elizabeth pours her passion. Elizabeth Stoudt, owner, […]

vegan chocolate chip banana bread

Due to the winter weather we just survived a shaking off our hibernation is in order. I’ve got a healthy, sweet snack in mind, my Vegan Chocolate Chip Banana Bread. Sweater shedding weather is just around the corner and you’ll want a low-fat, low-sugar breakfast or snack on the run. I like to feel as […]

blueberry lemon polenta

Remember that time you wish you liked eggs enough to enjoy french toast? Everyone else seems to enjoy it. The warm and crispy crust and sweet filling? I don’t like eggs and by association french toast. My Blueberry Lemon Polenta is perfect breakfast and as a vegan, gluten-free french toast substitute. In my recent Quick and Easy […]

African Stew

So, here’s the scoop. I’m sharing my African Stew recipe from my Quick & Easy Dinner Dishes cooking class at Zest!, in Lititz, inspired by my Roasted Red Pepper Sauce.  We are going to call it an African Stew because of the fragrant spices and simple tomato and pepper base you’ll be using. My African Stew is […]

Quick and Easy Mediterranean Stew

If you are looking for a quick, easy, healthy and flavorful family dinner… (that’s a long list) my Quick and Easy Mediterranean Stew fits the bill. In a recent Quick & Easy Dinners cooking class at Zest!, in Lititz, I shared a basic Roasted Red Pepper Sauce recipe and several ways to use it. To save […]

roasted red pepper sauce

I love cooking from my pantry. I love whole foods and I love real foods. If you snuck (or would that be sneaked) into my pantry you will find a shelf full of jarred legumes and rices. Just below it you’ll see a shelf packed with canned tomatoes, beans, jars of honey, jam, sauces and […]

farro citrus salad

During a recent cooking class at Zest, in Lititz, I shared a recipe for Farro Citrus Salad. I enjoy it as a light dinner, served on a bed of mixed greens with a slice of manchego and toasted fresh bread. It’s quick, easy, healthy and flavorful. It’s even better on day two and makes a […]

smelly marigolds

It’s time to start garden planning, smelly marigolds included. Local expert Nan Reinert, founder of Chubby Pickle Farms, is full of green tips. Nan shares seed selection, starter tips and gushes about her favorite plants. It’s always a fun show when Nan visits. Get growing, Nan says! Listen to this episode on iTunes  or on The People Chronicles. […]

spiced lentil soup

With kitchen time in mind, economical and easy are wonderful words. But being short on time doesn’t have to mean a compromise on eating well. Soup is an easy bargain to make, the perfect pairing of healthy convenience and cost savings—not to mention the comfort a bowl of soup brings. Let the scents welcome family […]

pure food for thought

Happiness is Always an Option, says Shane Burcaw. What keeps Shane pushing past his fear? Phoebe, host of Pure Food for Thought, is joined by local author, world renown blogger, Emmy Award Winning video producer and founder of Laughing at my Nightmare, Shane Burcaw. Shane shares a bit of food for thought with Phoebe. It’s […]

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