lavender infused syrup

You’ll want to be sure to plant herbs in your garden this spring. Yard, flower beds or pots the dirty details aren’t worth sweating it, just get some herbs planted. I made a a list of 10 herbs for your kitchen garden. Keepin’ it simple. You will use herbs (bossy tone kinda intended) for sweet and […]

the hunt for Peter Cottontail

The hunt was on for the perfect Easter bunny and I didn’t need to look further than my favorite, local food destination Lancaster Central Market. Miesse Candies is were I started to follow the Peter Cottontail trail! I had the chance to chit chat with Tracy Artus, Owner of Miesse Candies. You can listen in […]

raisin sauce recipe

It should not go without saying the mystery spice pack, requiring only water, offered with your Easter ham should probably never be used.  Insert drum roll for a simple and must have sauce to serve with your Easter ham . . .  a 15 minute Raisin Sauce. This recipe comes straight from the Easter family […]

easter wines: 2 weird hungry girls podcast

Twist off that wine cap, shame-free: wines to serve this Easter (we talk with an expert) Click here to listen to the episode. We’re talking wine. Oh, twist our arms and those bottle caps, it turns out! There is one man you must know.  I’m serious. You want to be on the receiving end of his […]

citrus chili salmon

I’ve never prepared salmon until this easy citrus chili salmon recipe. It may seem weird. We did not often eat fish during my childhood. Fish was just not in my recipe repertoire and was out of my comfort zone. I made a Chocolate Chili Spice Blend for a Plum Deluxe story and it turned out rather well. In my […]

podcast interview: Phil & Morgan of NEAT foods

We’re bringing on the fun for April podcasts.  Subscribe (so you don’t miss a beat) and share your feedback (so we don’t). We’re leading with Neat foods this week. A gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian meat substitute.  We’ll follow this month with… John Suzadail, PA Wine Specialist, about 3 Easter wines you’ll want to be serving A […]

chili & honey chicken {berks jazz fest 2013}

This week is the annual Berks Jazz Fest .  It’s rather monumental in the region.  It’s presented by the Berks Arts Council and attracts over 40,000 people in 140 concerts in over 50 venues.  Yes, it’s something not to be missed. This week reminds me of what I was up to last year. Yeah, I think it’s […]

tried it tuesday: sausage scramble & hash {vegan & gf}

My breakfast of choice, when we are out (this makes no sense, I know), is creamed chipped beef. My mom use to make it and it’s a kind of comfort food. Yes, it has beef, flour, butter and so on. Don’t judge. What I really enjoy finding on a menu is a good ol’ vegan scramble […]

chocolate chili spice blend

Here is a simple blend sure to make your pot of chili complete. Yes, I’m saying it wasn’t before you used this blend.  It will also turn your so-so chicken, beef or pork into something special. Don’t think of it just for meat. I use it for roasting vegetables, it makes a great sprinkle for […]

podcast interview with Chef Meghan Young

It’s an on the road taping with Chef Meghan.  I interviewed Chef for my column, Phoebe Savors Lancaster Central Market, Fig Style.  She shared a few extra minutes to talk about tips and splurges for home cooks and what she likes to prepare after a day in the kitchen.  Check it out! (also, this is the […]

blueberry crumb cake recipe, orange tea infused {gf, vegan}

I was itchin’ to get to the gluten-free pancake mix. This recipe seemed necessary.  A vegan, gluten-free blueberry crumb cake recipe, infused with PureBlend orange berry burst tea. The thing with baking vegan is to not just to get it past Dan but to see if he will pick at it without prodding. This one […]

the chef shops lancaster central market

There’s something rather appealing about Chef Meghan Young, owner of Character’s Pub. Maybe it was in the tequila or it’s those bandana tamed curls. (I’m of the opinion chicks with curls have a touch more moxie than most.) During the Gettin’ Saucy Cookin’ Class she shared her margarita and martini recipe. The trick wasn’t how […]

groff’s family farm: behind the scenes at Lancaster Central Market

  This seemed somehow appropriate to share today, tow days into spring 2014. Wait, with the threat of more snow on the way. There was an invisible seam where the horizon met white fields on my snow covered drive to Bird-in-Hand.  It had been white for weeks.  Walking in mud and ice through the greenhouses […]

vegan tomato bisque

We got more snow today.  Spring is 2 days away.  It’s strange.  So, I made a quick bowl of vegan tomato bisque.   I made my own cashew cream.   It’s easy.   Puree 3/4 cup raw cashews and 1/2 cup water in a blender until smooth.  Make it as thin or thick as you […]