Lancaster Central Market Holiday Must Haves

It’s that time of year. Some folks are dreaming of sparkly rings and things but I prefer to think edible gifts. I made a short and sweet list of Lancaster Central Market Holiday Must Haves for this holiday season. Some items are seasonal so grab them while you can! Each item is perfect for the […]

Spiced Hot Apple Cider

The Spiced Hot Apple Cider recipe is lovely for a quiet night at home, a girls night in or makes a thoughtful gift. Prepare a batch (with or without Snap liqueur), allow it to cool and package it for gifting. If you super thoughtful you may share it with a bag of homemade ginger snaps […]

Lancaster Central Market podcast

It’s another Lancaster Central Market podcast and just in time for the holiday season! Jessica Malhot, Lancaster Central Market’s Manager, stops by to talk food, architecture and holiday market events. My Phoebe Savors Lancaster Market, Fig Style blog is frequently Jessica inspired. You’ll find inspiration in this episode too. Meet you at market! Be sure to check out […]

Vanilla Citrus Spice Blend

Oh, the weather outside is frightful! Well, that’s a matter of opinion. I love the chilly weather and during this hustle and bustle time of year I welcome the chance to snuggle up under a lap blanket with a book (I’ll be honest, it’s more like my laptop to get some writing done but I’d […]

the threat of children

Warning, this childfree living episode is steeped in a case of the giggles and I said it … threat of children. It’s a bit more light hearted than it sounds. Maybe. Heather Adams joins us to talk about big kitties, small kitties and foster kitties…and childfree living! Listen, some of us without children live this way […]

apple cardamom crumb cake

I’m not one to tell you how to enjoy your food. This Apple Cardamom Crumb Cake is unique circumstance. I need you to act in your own best interest and urge you to enjoy this cake with your favorite hot beverage, good company and while this cake is still warm. That last bit is important, “while this […]

custard-style baking tips podcast

Pastry Chef extraordinaire, Diana Penn stops by to share custard style baking tips. The secret for the perfect cheesecake…it’s in this episode. Hope you enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving! 11.22.14  The Cheesecake is Half-Full Listen to this episode, in iTunes, by clicking here. Please be sure to subscribe and leave us some feedback, in iTunes. Listen to this […]

the gnocchi master

Dream of becoming a culinary master, if only for a night? Linda Bell, owner of, visits.We had a drool worthy conversation about gnocchi and French Provincial cooking. Linda teaches culinary skills to enrich your knowledge or give you the foundation to build on. I’m not telling you what to put on your Christmas wish […]

whiskey maple pumpkin butter

’Tis the pumpkin-done-101-ways season. Have you pretty much had it up to your ears with pumpkin recipes or can you not get enough? This Whiskey Maple Pumpkin Butter recipe will get you in the pumpkin spirit, if only as the prefect foodie or hostess gift. Beware, it is a bit addicting.  This recipe uses only […]

vegan holiday podcast

To Stuff or Not to Stuff!? It’s A Vegan Holiday. Susan Edelman of visits to talk about a vegan Thanksgiving. She brought two dishes for us to sample! Listen in to learn how our local vegan blogger handles holidays in her home and be sure to visit her website for recipes. If you are interested […]

lemongrass and coconut curry soup

I’m a soup lover (I’m also a closet donut lover. Achenbach’s peanut butter Long Johns to be exact). I feel like we need to talk about this Lemongrass and Coconut Curry Soup. Soups are the most cost-effective, timesaving, party-centric and flavorful ways to eat well. A little bit of a whole food ingredients goes a […]

orange spiced butter

If you really care about your friends and neighbors you would thank them more often … with this Orange Spiced Butter, Whiskey Maple Pumpkin Butter and freshly baked biscuits.  The perfect pairing for roasted sweet potatoes to salmon. Easily prepare this as a vegan recipe by substituting the butter with Earth Balance vegan butter. I wish I […]

dad’s chicken soup

Dad’s Chicken Soup is a favorite soup in the Shunakis household. Aside from figs (grown on my dad’s trees), this soup is the only thing Dan will ask for when we visit my folks. Make your own broth or use a good quality, low-sodium store brand chicken stock. I prefer to cut the vegetables in […]

homemade mustard recipes

Looking for the perfect food gift beyond a bottle of wine? Try these homemade mustard recipes. Sound unassuming to you? Maybe not as glamorous as you might think? Here is the scoop on mustard: you love it and I’m going to show you how easy it is to make it from scratch. You can’t enjoy […]

adams county eats, apple podcast

Put the Adams County’s Mason Dixon Wine Trail, orchards and eateries on the top of your to-do list! Adams County Eats, Apple Podcast with Ellie Hollabaugh Vranich. She speaks with me about cider donuts, apple storage and apple recipe inspiration. 11.7.14  Adams County Eats, Interview at Hollabaugh Bros. Farms Listen to this episode, in iTunes, […]

green goddess soup

Does the seasonal broccoli abundance, busting in local farm stands and markets, seem to get you stumped? Green Goddess Soup is what you need to make. Aside from being rather easy to prepare you can play with the flavors. I’ve prepared the recipe without dairy or meat, it’s naturally gluten-free. So, it’s a good for […]

fall planting and garden clean up

The Fall Planting and Garden Clean Up podcast episode is up! We went to the gal who knows growing, Nan Reinert, founder of Chubby Pickle Farm. Nan talks about her favorite holiday (at least it’s what Ghosty thinks) and getting your garden ready for winter. Curious what Tracy’s Halloween candy weakness is or wanna to know what […]

how to make kombucha

10.24.14 How to Make Kombucha Lisa Mitchell, local fermenting goddess and berry patch farmer visits to talk all things kombucha. Tracy meets Scoby for the first time! You’ll not believe how easy it is to make kombuch at home and we hope you give it a whirl! Listen to this episode, in iTunes, by clicking here. […]

tried it tuesday: fruit butter

I took a road trip last week, with a friend enjoys random drives to beautiful places (not to be confused with a shopping or strip mall). My mission was to pick up fruit butter to stock my online and local Pure Food Pantry (locally at Allison’s Clothing Co. in West Reading and Junk to Jazz in Shillington). I […]

eat and do gatlinburg guide

My eat and do Gatlinburg Guide. Never heard of Gatlinburg? It’s in Tennessee. This post is a doozie, I’m stuffing this blog with photos too. Tennessee is too beautiful and so very worth the drive from Pennsylvania. When we told my brother we were heading out this way to be vendors in the Gatlinburg Craftsmen’s […]

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