Donna’s Delicious Scones

Dick and Donna make the best hosts, due in part to Donna’s Delicious Scones. Not kidding. I’m not an egg eater but I pretend there are no eggs in these little gems. Donna would like to share her recipe with you. Lucky you. no, seriously. Each year we travel to the Gettysburg area, as vendors at the annual […]

first of fall apple recipes

Uh, wow! September is almost over and I have not taken a moment to share the current issue of Susquehanna Style Magazine and the First of Fall apple recipes. You’ll find three of my apple inspired recipes in this current (for 2 more days) issue! This was the 5th feature spread in this fabulous, locally inspired […]

tried it tuesday

  Tried it Tuesday Natural Products Expo East Phoebe shares a few of her favorite bites from the Natural Products Expo East. These two eat their way through Lancaster made salsa to healthy sweets. Listen in to hear about new products in the market. Needless to say, Phoebe was tickled to run into local food […]

apple cake

It’s an Apple Friendship Cake. Just the recipe you’ll reach for when guests are expected or to share a thank you with a friend or neighbor. Tasty when warm—and just as good on day two or three. If calories are not a concern, be sure to use the Brown Butter Whiskey Sauce recipe, and if […]

fall orchard podcast

Love your Farmer, Weaver’s Orchard fall orchard podcast episode! Get off your sofa, grab a friend or children (your own) and head to your local orchard! Ed Weaver, 3rd generation grower, talks about under-appreciated, locally grown apples you must try and family, fall actives at Weaver’s Orchard. Here is a little apple recipe inspiration! My 3 […]

wellness podcast

Wellness podcast From vinegar to lemon water, kombucha and probiotics, what’s a girl to drink to maintain a healthy gut? Dr. Aparna Mele visits to talk about healthy gut habits. Learn what you may already be doing to properly garden your gut and some things you may want to change. Listen to this episode on iTunes  or […]

queen of tarts podcast

Queen of Tarts Pastry Chef Diana Penn, Bakeology 101, talks pie crusts, the perfect fruit filling and shares other tart baking tips. Tarts are perfect for summer into fall and winter! Find the recipes for Chef Penn’s cooking class at Weaver’s Orchard below. Listen to this episode on iTunes   or listen on your laptop at The People […]

tried it tuesday Counter Culture Coffee

Counter Culture Coffee what is it? Counter Culture Coffee is a locally roasted (Philly) coffee. The company has built a reputation for high quality roasts and sourcing single-origin beans (beans from one area versus something like olive oil which is often sourced from a few countries then mashed up together). To source from one area […]

blueberry tea cocktail

I recently discovered, because everyone is doing it and I’m the last to know, cold-brewed tea. Better yet, this Blueberry Tea Cocktail. The method requires a bit of pre-planning. If planning a night in advance might throw your rhythm over the edge, prepare as you usually would. I’m told the cold-brew method reduces the amount […]

your dirty soap podcast

Your Dirty Soap Maryanne Schwartz, owner of Lancaster County Soapworks, Etc., talks about your dirty soap and clean body soak and soap alternatives. This is an on the road episode, recorded at the Kutztown Folk Festival. Listen to this episode on iTunes  or listen on your laptop at The People Chronicles. The Essential Herbal links Lancaster County Soapworks, […]

giveaway for podcast listeners

Want to be a podcast guest? Have a favorite family dish you’d like to share as a podcast guest? Have a topic you’d like us to cover? Have a kitchen, recipe or dining out frustration we can help with? This post is a special post & giveaway for our podcast listeners! (psst… you know I host […]

citrus tarragon pesto

My Citrus Tarragon Pesto is definitely worth the whirl. A recent cooking class at Weaver’s Orchard was focused on pesto. Between the Thai Pesto and the Citrus Tarragon Pesto the crowd seemed rather kitchen inspired, thinking beyond the basic basil and pine nut blend. We’ve all had traditional pesto. The blend of basil, parmesan cheese, olive oil […]

tried it tuesday, zephyr nectarine

What is it Turns out this locally grown white nectarine, named a zephyr nectarine, is rather good! I first heard of it from my Weaver’s Orchard cooking class helper, Brandon. He said it is one of his favorite fruits but 2 weeks ago it was not ready to harvest. They are ready now. Zephyrs are brightly colored, pale […]

foraging podcast

Foraging podcast episode! Tina Sams, editor of The Essential Herbal, and I talk about foraging, herbs, her hugely popular magazine and new book.  This is an on the road episode recorded at the Kutztown Folk Festival. Listen to this episode on iTunes  or listen on your laptop at The People Chronicles. The Essential Herbal links website || facebook || magazine || most recent book

thai pesto

Pestos are a quick and easy way to add full flavor to a dish. My Thai Pesto (vegan and gluten-free) is a great way to play with the flavors of garden fresh herbs. Pesto can be used in salads, sandwiches, added to soups and more! I’d use this pesto in a curry or to drizzle into […]

chef tim’s table

It was a night of firsts for nearly all of us and what a splendid night it was. My upcoming birthday seemed like a good excuse to gather friends to celebrate, with a twist. Not to celebrate me but another friend! An opportunity came my way, it was like the stars aligned (I like to […]

Angela’s buns podcast

Oh, this episode! Angela’s buns podcast is a special one, with guest Angela Duen and our photo with a fire truck. Angela posts the most flavorful photos of family dishes, inspired by her Chinese heritage. Just check out her photos below. I had to get the scoop! She’s a mom, she’s a working professional, she […]

pure food for thought: perfection

This month’s episode of Pure Food for Thought was recorded on the road! There is a reason for the folk-style dresses, the Kutztown Folk Festival. Be sure to put that event on your to-do list for July 2016. For Tina Sams, editor of The Essential Herbal magazine, her journey as an entrepreneur has been more than just […]

blueberry salsa

A delicious salsa is possible only during tomato season. My Blueberry Salsa recipe is an easy, healthy excuse to eat the rainbow and adding seasonal fruit makes it even better! The recipe was one of several berry inspired recipes featured in the July 2015 issue of Susquehanna Style Magazine. In addition to enjoying by the scoopful, […]

savory violet compound butter

Quick 2 step note before you get your weekend started. My Savory Violet Compound Butter was shared for the July 2015 issue of Berks County Living, “How to Host a Farm-to-Table Party.” It’s easily made into a vegan recipe too! Ready? STEP 1: Make this butter. STEP 2: Put this butter on grilled or oven […]

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