so this is 40: always keep moving

(so this is 40… I’m starting to make personal notes, more for me than anyone, as I’m kinda one foot into this 40 thing. yeah, I think my perspective is changing but not because of a new decade … but maybe … nah. Either way, notes to self but here on my food blog.) phoebes pure food Saw this quote on the back of a t-shirt today, “always keeping moving.” The guy was moving in the opposite direction. I think it’s the worst advice. Maybe it was some kind of ironic t-shirt, I couldn’t read the front. In case you haven’t figured it out, constant movement doesn’t equate to success. I’m sure it aids in weight loss. (disclaimer: I’ve not achieved huge success) If I don’t take the time to stop, celebrating how far I’ve come, I can’t measure where I’ve been. A state of perpetual motion, which seems to be the lifestyle norm now, is dizzying. If you can’t stop, for just a moment, you’ll forget the wonder of those you’ve picked up on way, those you’ve dropped off (or kicked rather hard out of your car) or realize you’ve happened to make room for people you’re soon to meet. A thank you isn’t as sincere when it’s tossed in the trail of your dust, as you run from one project to the next…’cause, you know, you just can’t leave any stone unturned? You don’t have to get all the stones. If, however, you decide to get them all I’ll guarantee there will be people who say “yes” who you’ll wish you never met… cause they suck the ever livin’ life out of you. Trying to take a seat a little more often. That’s all. Maybe that’s too much. phoebes pure food