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custard-style baking tips podcast

Pastry Chef extraordinaire, Diana Penn stops by to share custard style baking tips. The secret for the perfect cheesecake…it’s in this episode. Hope you enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving! 11.22.14  The Cheesecake is Half-Full Listen to this episode, in iTunes, by clicking here. Please be sure to subscribe and leave us some feedback, in iTunes. Listen to this […]

winning recipes from May’s Soirée

These were voted the best recipes from May’s event.  We vote for our favorite sweet and savory recipe at the close of each soirée.  If you made it to May’s dinner you probably had a rather relaxing and belly filling time. Craig Shollenberger of Mindfulness in Reading & Berks spoke about the practice of being present […]

pure food soirée 9.7.12

This was our official “First Friday” at Shri Yoga & Wellness Center.  We had a wonderful group of folks that came out to share food and company.  Our special guest speaker was Suesie Hartman, certified Reiki Master/Teacher with her topic was Reiki & Energy Work – How does it work? I was pleasantly surprised with the ease […]

roasted brussel sprouts…is there anything better?

not including: the smell of crayola crayons freshly brewed coffee room service toddler hugs self cleaning ovens the scent of sunshine dried sheets donuts roasted garlic Love roasted brussel sprouts.  Did you know that roasting, stir frying, or steaming (in a steam basket) helps your veggies retain a bit more vitamins?  Don’t believe me check […]

indulge or deny…pt 2

So, I journaled just a day ago about the balance with carbs and ask, why is it so hard to make the better choice when given applesauce or ice cream… self-control. Just heard a great story about a book (I love the books) written by Kelly McGonigal, PhD, titled The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why […]

Carbs… indulge or deny?

We have all heard stories of the devilish carbs that weasel their way into your diet… singing their siren song, driving you mad with the temptation to eat their sugary, chocolate coated, iced, buttered, toasted, baked, fried or jam coated goodness only to make you feel oh so sorry & bloated later… once on the […]

my dirty secret

Well, one if them anyway.   I think the garden got a bit out of control this year.   I underestimated the time I would have to give it.   This photo shows our neighbor next to the fence with my border of zinnias.   Just wanted you to see the scale of the out of control tomato plants. […]

welcome matt’s wild cherry…

…your sweet & sunny disposition makes for a great salad. Tomato season, it’s on! The tomatoes have started to make their appearance. Dan picked this one last week as the first of the season. The matt’s wild cherry gives buckets of sweet, cherry tomatoes that one can eat from the brush. Of course, the plants […]

warm temps, cool drinks

I found a few new recipes for smoothies and now is about time to bust them out! thanks to martha steward every day foods pineapple ginger ( should be called anti inflammation smoothie)1 cup fresh pineapple, cut into 1 inch pieces1 inch ginger, washed and minced1/2 cup low-fat plain yogurt1 cup pineapple juice1/8 teaspoon ground […]

local mill

I forgot to mention that we met the owner of a local mill at the Christmas show last week. I am so excited to find a miller using locally grown grains! Better yet we might have a local connection to pick up the grain and save on shipping. When we go to these shows I […]

a few good vegan / vegetarian cookbooks

let me preface this with… I have all but BabyCakes, Veganomicon, and Skinny Bitch. The Skinny Bitch, Ultimate Everyday Cookbook author wrote Skinny Bitch, about vegan eating. The Veganomicon received great reviews and it chock full of creative recipes to keep vegans interested. BabyCakes…well, you have to love it just for her sassy writing style […]

roasted beet chips

trying my hand at roasted beet chips… not sure what i think of this recipe. i have loads of beets from the garden so i can spare a few to experiment. we shall see. they are amazing in color, no? ok, i just pulled the first batch out…these are disgusting! the recipe was rather easy…slice […]


I have been distracted (back from vacation, my day job, garden must go in and fun cooking) but share, in a quick post, about my tomato collection this year. This is my 3rd year growing tomatoes. The first year was an experiment with about 5 varieties, year two was a tomato explosion (about 12heirloom varieties), […]

lunch delivery on hold

for 3 weeks! I am a bit behind the times and wish I had shared this earlier… I will be at the fabulous and funky Firefly gift shop on Penn Avenue this Wednesday for the wine walk. I am unsure if tickets are still available but suggest you click through the link on the “wine […]

gardening notes: mid march

I can’t seem to locate my gardening journal from 2008 and 2009 so I will start to note in my blog and hope I never forget my password! During the first week in March, I tried something new… I started seeds using organic seed starting soil and compostable containers: tollies peppers ancho chillies heirloom Chinese […]

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