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yogi breakfast recipes

How do you start your day? I use to start mine in a mad dash getting to work or trying to juggle everyone else’s needs.   Working from a home office means when my feet hit the floor the to do list starts to tick away.  I don’t think juggling the day’s opportunities are different […]

smoothies & slow cooker coco breakfast cereal

  Be sure to stop by my Phoebe Savors Berks, BCL Style to catch the most recent post about telling 2013 who’s the boss.  I chatted with Stacy Brown, owner of Sunshine Fitness Studio, about New Year’s resolutions and recipes she uses to get her day started. You’ll want to try these. Have I lied […]

favorite strawberry recipes

all in one post.  Let’s be honest.  Nothing is better than local, freshly picked strawberries.  Not the organic strawberries from California or the first strawberries that start to appear in the grocery stores in April.  Nothing is sweeter or more flavorful than sun warmed, freshly picked strawberries…. I’m only saying this because it’s not peach […]

pumpkin pie smoothie

Seriously, this is good.  I love sweets and the flavor of pumpkin pie but not so much the actual pie.  I don’t like eggs and the thought of the wet/moist texture coming from the eggs grosses me out.  This is like enjoying the pie but so much better for you and far easier to make. […]

drink your veggies & fruit milkshake

I’m thinking… how to get more fruits & veggies in my diet.  Using the  Dr. Weil anti-inflammatory food pyramid is a helpful guide.  Loving his veggie based pyramid as it offers a balance of the unprocessed carbs and veggies.  Smoothies seem like the easiest way to accomplish this veggie goal and so my experiments begin.  […]

spicy bunny smoothie recipe

okay, fair warning that you will need a juicer for the carrots…or pick up 100% carrot juice at the grocery store spicy bunny smoothie 1 1/2lbs organic carrots, juiced 2 bananas (peel them…do I really need to tell you that?) 1 piece of ginger the size of your thumb, washed leave the skin on and […]

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