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summer grilling podcast

Summer Grilling Podcast Episode Ever heard of a bavette cut of beef?  We talk the upside of knowing your butcher to grilling tips with Butcher Bill Cavanaugh of Dundore & Heister – Local, pastured and organic meats. Gas or Charcoal, ribs or aged steaks? Listen in to learn more. (I’m also totally sure you are […]

Quick and Easy Mediterranean Stew

If you are looking for a quick, easy, healthy and flavorful family dinner… (that’s a long list) my Quick and Easy Mediterranean Stew fits the bill. In a recent Quick & Easy Dinners cooking class at Zest!, in Lititz, I shared a basic Roasted Red Pepper Sauce recipe and several ways to use it. To save […]

spiced lentil soup

With kitchen time in mind, economical and easy are wonderful words. But being short on time doesn’t have to mean a compromise on eating well. Soup is an easy bargain to make, the perfect pairing of healthy convenience and cost savings—not to mention the comfort a bowl of soup brings. Let the scents welcome family […]

cherry lime smoothie

I make this tasty Cherry Lime Smoothie with various additions, sweeteners were not necessary. Add a bit of creaminess by using a cherry flavored dairy or non-dairy yogurt. You will be adding extra calories and sugar so just be aware, if calories are being counted. The addition of granola takes it to another level in the […]

restorative detox smoothies

Resorting to detox is often a post-holiday ritual. We indulge … then cleanse … then repeat. Buying into a cleanse-in-a-box, or deferring to a cabbage soup or cayenne honey tea diet is how some rebound from holiday indulgences. But the tastiest way to start a healthy eating plan is to resolve to eat the rainbow. […]

lemongrass and coconut curry soup

I’m a soup lover (I’m also a closet donut lover. Achenbach’s peanut butter Long Johns to be exact). I feel like we need to talk about this Lemongrass and Coconut Curry Soup. Soups are the most cost-effective, timesaving, party-centric and flavorful ways to eat well. A little bit of a whole food ingredients goes a […]

dad’s chicken soup

Dad’s Chicken Soup is a favorite soup in our household. Aside from figs (grown on my dad’s trees), this soup is the only thing Dan will ask for when we visit my folks. Make your own broth or use a good quality, low-sodium store brand chicken stock. I prefer to cut the vegetables in a consistent […]

Savory Stuffed Acorn Squash

Another recipe born of local, seasonal produce and shopping my own pantry shelves is this Savory Stuffed Acorn squash. Dinner on a dime and it’s healthy too. I made this several times and Dan (the meat eater) enjoyed each batch. You can easily substitute the rice with quinoa. This recipe is vegetarian but a rather […]

summer salad construction 101

It’s too hot to cook. It’s easy to whip up dinner in a pinch.  Here’s how you can start, with this basic blueprint. Did you know you can make a double batch of quinoa and freeze extra for hot nights when you don’t want to turn the stove on. The same is true for beans […]

citrus chili salmon

I’ve never prepared salmon until this easy citrus chili salmon recipe. It may seem weird. We did not often eat fish during my childhood. Fish was just not in my recipe repertoire and was out of my comfort zone. I made a Chocolate Chili Spice Blend for a Plum Deluxe story and it turned out rather well. In my […]

podcast interview: Phil & Morgan of NEAT foods

We’re bringing on the fun for April podcasts.  Subscribe (so you don’t miss a beat) and share your feedback (so we don’t). We’re leading with Neat foods this week. A gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian meat substitute.  We’ll follow this month with… John Suzadail, PA Wine Specialist, about 3 Easter wines you’ll want to be serving A […]

chili & honey chicken {berks jazz fest 2013}

This week is the annual Berks Jazz Fest .  It’s rather monumental in the region.  It’s presented by the Berks Arts Council and attracts over 40,000 people in 140 concerts in over 50 venues.  Yes, it’s something not to be missed. This week reminds me of what I was up to last year. Yeah, I think it’s […]

tried it tuesday: sausage scramble & hash {vegan & gf}

My breakfast of choice, when we are out (this makes no sense, I know), is creamed chipped beef. My mom use to make it and it’s a kind of comfort food. Yes, it has beef, flour, butter and so on. Don’t judge. What I really enjoy finding on a menu is a good ol’ vegan scramble […]

chia seed pudding, vegan

Uh huh… it’s what you spread on a clay figure of Kermit the Frog and wait for a mass of green fuzz to grow. Chia seeds have been around for a long, long time. I first heard of them while working at Kimberton Whole Foods. A co-worker would add them to her smoothies, boosting her […]

butternut squash cider chili

When the fall and winter chill settles in and we reach for warm, snuggly blankets and socks, you know it’s time to break out your favorite soup recipes. At least, that’s how it works for me. This Butternut Squash Cider Chili Recipe will become a fast favorite. This one is a no-brainer and you’ll want to […]

my Q&A with Nadia G. of the Bitchin’ Kitchen

I love her show.  I’ll just come out and say it because this is my page and my rules (you are welcome to share your thoughts).  You might not like her stilettos, hot red lips, sass,  humor or language but I do.  I find it fresh, light and not so plain vanilla.   Let’s face […]

Tomatillo & Winter Squash Stoup, Slow Cooked

You may still be able to find tomatillos. I had a basket that was begging to be used. On a chilly morning I dug through my market and CSA goodies to make a crockpot stoup (stoup: a Rachel Ray word for a stew-like soup). I tell you this all the time and really mean it… […]

glamorous grilling recipes from start to finish

When the sun stays out to play a bit longer and socks and sweaters aren’t required we all want to spend less time in the kitchen.  I spent a weekend getting some grilling done and shared the recipes with   Head on over to get your grillin’ on!  Recipes for meat eaters and vegetarians […]

cooking through my freezer

means turkey surprise because turkey can always be found in my freezer.  I’m really trying to clean up and remove the clutter in my life and that includes the freezer.   When was the last time you saw the back or bottom of your freezer?   I don’t like thinks going to waste so I […]

chicken, sweet potato and kale soup

(pssst… easily make this vegan by using veg broth and substituting beans for the chicken … but vegans are smart, you knew that already) Let’s get on with it. It’s just a rainy 2‘sday at Lancaster Central Market and I’ll be darned if this soggy socked chick is not going to find dinner for $10.  […]

quick greek quinoa salad

Add your own hummus, pita, stuffed grape leaves and chopped veggies as a side to this easy to make Greek quinoa salad. greek quinoa salad makes approximately 6 servings 1 cup quinoa 2 cups water/broth 1 cup cucumber, chopped 1 cup tomato, chopped 1 cup black beans/chickpeas/cannelloni beans 1/2 cup carrot, shredded 1/4 cup feta […]

maple nut quinoa granola

Easy peasie way  to sneak a tad bit of protein in your granola.   I used olive oil, agave and maple syrup.  So easy that I urge you to get up from your computer now and make this!   Be careful not to overcook it.  It will seem soft but as it cooks it will […]

quinoa apple cider salad

This Quinoa Apple Cider Salad is the perfect dish to whip up using your extra apple cider. You do have extra apple cider, don’t you? Did you use it all for hot apple cider toddy’s? Our eyes get big this time of year, in our home anyway. We buy local cider by the gallon. Dan drinks it like […]

savory stuffed garden tomato

This is an easy, flavorful dish that can be made vegan or vegetarian.  I used ground poultry so it was fewer calories than beef and the taste was not compromised and Dan enjoyed it. baked stuffed garden tomatoes 6 servings 6 large tomatoes 1 cup cooked rice, grains, and/or beans 1 cup onion, diced 1 […]

easy enchiladas

I’m shopping my shelves for dinner tonight because easy is the word… A friend recently posted a vegetarian enchilada recipe and also brought a batch to a potluck.  Yummers.  She shared 2 helpful tips. First, the sauce was a base of tomato paste and second the Adobe is not necessary, she made her own spice […]

quinoa & black bean frittata

Let’s talk quinoa. It’s easy to make (takes about 15 minutes and mostly hands off), is a meat-free complete protein and is gluten-free.  It freezes well and is uber versatile. In a recent post, I shared a plateful of roasted veggies that made a great chilled salad on a bed of quinoa and would have […]

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