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raspberry vinaigrette {gf, vegan}

This is a basic recipe you’ll want to have in your back pocket all summer long!  I am madly in love with infusing vinegar, gin, rum and vodka with fruit.  This Raspberry Vinaigrette give you a good excuse to try something savory with seasonal berries. Use this dressing with a mixed greens salad or in […]

vegan raspberry lavender ice cream

In the case you live under a rock, you might not have noticed the homemade ice cream and popsicle craze going on right now. It is summer, so what better time to savor sun-ripened fruits or enjoy a cocktail on a stick? There are dozens of vegan ice cream recipes in the magical internet machine […]

blueberry chia quick bread, vegan

It’s a Berry Quick Bread redux. I’m hoping to inspire you to take a basic recipe and play with it. I added chia seeds into this Blueberry Chia Quick Bread recipe.  Easily add chia seeds in muffins, waffles, pancakes, cookies, savory stir fries, top roasted or grilled vegetables or to aid in thickening freezer jams. This bread is made […]

vegan strawberry quick bread

I use to buy a quick bread from my pal who has an organic farm bakery but she closed her market stand. My mornings weren’t the same. My mom loves a good quick bread and we’ve been playing with recipes to fill that place on my breakfast plate. This vegan Strawberry Quick Bread seems to […]

rhubarb crumb cake, vegan

We are hot and heavy into strawberry and rhubarb season here in southeastern Pennsylvania. You can be sure to find rhubarb from at least 4 vendors at Lancaster Central Market. You must buy it now, it will be gone soon! Stop dilly-dallying. If you can’t use it, freeze it. I’ve been playing with a vegan […]

FLASH SALE: the spring/summer magazine is HERE!

I’m excited! So excited I’m doing something I’ve never done before, a BOGO sale. Today only buy the current Spring/Summer 2014 issue and get a complimentary copy of the Spring 2013 issue! Looking for garden to table inspiration?  You’ll find it here in the phoebe’s Pure Food Magazine™ digital issue. Recipes, growing and living tips […]

strawberry thyme margarita

This is what I think you should do with the flavors of summer. Did Cinco de Mayo sneak up on you or is it just me? I may be confused about the lapse in time but there is one thing I know, where to be to celebrate. Sofrito Gastro Pub is tucked into the heart […]

strawberry thyme infused syrup

Strawberry Thyme Syrup   Print Prep time 10 mins Cook time 20 mins Total time 30 mins   Use this for baking, lemonade, cocktails or with sparkling water. : phoebe’s pure food : beverage, condiment Serves: 8 Ingredients 2 cups (1 pint) strawberries, tops removed and quartered 1 cup sugar 1 cup water 4, 4-inch […]

baked berry & chèvre french toast

This baked berry & chèvre french toast recipe is here because of the next round of chill we are expecting tomorrow. You will need this to get you through it.  That’s what I think. (written with a smirk because if you know me you know I hate eggs) I made this dish when we were […]

smoothies & slow cooker coco breakfast cereal

  Be sure to stop by my Phoebe Savors Berks, BCL Style to catch the most recent post about telling 2013 who’s the boss.  I chatted with Stacy Brown, owner of Sunshine Fitness Studio, about New Year’s resolutions and recipes she uses to get her day started. You’ll want to try these. Have I lied […]

raspberry cream pie

There was a recipe card for this pie.  I used it every year for the black raspberries Dan grows behind his wood working shop.  Know when you know you put something somewhere then it’s gone?  You’ll open your freezer and find the fresh asparagus or the pile of laundry spits out your favorite mug…it happened […]

sweet and savory hand pies

Pies in each hand…isn’t that quintessentially summer? I was at Weaver’s Orchard today talking all about hand pies, the versatility of crusts, getting creative with seasonal sweet and savory filling and making ahead of time to freeze for later. Let’s talk dough. I like to play it easy so here are 3 go-to’s for hand-pie making, […]

lemon curd & berry mini cakes

Don’t we all love easy, cheat recipes from time to time…unless you have loads of time to bake, then more power to you.  I used a locally baked shortcake and berries from Weaver’s Orchard and lemon curd from our local Curdelicious (order from the pure food pantry). Before we begin, if you would like to make your […]

raspberry thyme vinegar

Really, this raspberry vinegar recipe is so easy and very necessary.  With berries in season and a probable bottle of cider vinegar on your shelf as we speak this a no-brainer recipe.  I’m going to do some playing with this but here are the nuts and bolts.  Use this for a lovely vinaigrette on summer […]

pies in jars

let’s begin with a few basics and get you thinking outside the pie box There are 4 things to keep in mind with pies and pies in jars CRUST crumb crust: make ahead, doubling the recipe and freezing the unused portion in a freezer safe container.  pre-bake on a cookie sheet for crumbles on a […]

favorite strawberry recipes

all in one post.  Let’s be honest.  Nothing is better than local, freshly picked strawberries.  Not the organic strawberries from California or the first strawberries that start to appear in the grocery stores in April.  Nothing is sweeter or more flavorful than sun warmed, freshly picked strawberries…. I’m only saying this because it’s not peach […]

frozen strawberry cobbler

It’s a total cheat but it must be done.  Your favorite ice cream flavor?  _______ (insert here)   Mine has to be vanilla bean…the milk, cream and sugar kind of vanilla bean (no weird fillers or eggs).  We grilled a tasty dinner and it’s still rather toasty going on 8p.   Cold dessert it is […]

fruit yogurt sundae

i know.  i know.  these fruits are not in season, local or organic but i could be eating oreos or sipping bourbon for breakfast. i’ll be milestone old this year.  somehow the past few years have gotten away from me.  lost them dancing to the beat of someone else’s drum. making up for lost time. […]

weaver’s orchard cooking class: swedish pancakes

Had a great time at Weaver’s Orchard last week and we had quite the crowd.  The mission… share some easy tips for summer entertaining…specifically little tea sandwiches.   With baskets of fresh fruit and cookie cutters in hand I was set to begin. Must preface this with … I love stopping at Weaver’s Orchard.  I […]

summer sponge cake for any day

It is really easy to whip up this cake for a sheet pan or even little tartlets.  Freeze and keep on hand for last minute summer guests.   Seriously, you do not need to let your guests know how simple this is to prepare and wow the pants off them….or their socks… maybe that’s all […]

strawberry mousse . . . pretty in pink

Strawberry season is winding down and hope you had a chance to make some syrups, jams, fruit butter and so much more.  Remember you can freeze them, at the very least, to use all winter. This was a fun experimental recipe and rather easy.  Mousse is so versatile.  It looks gorgeous in little jars for […]

strawberry, lemon verbena and rose petal infused syrup

Yes, it is just that simple and it oh so heavenly scented and versatile.  Here are some ideas for this simple syrup. . . spoon over ice cream, brush onto cupcakes or cake before icing or between layers, in a vinaigrette, add a drizzle to champagne or a sparkling beverage, or use in your hot […]

strawberry salsa

It is strawberry fever season. As I’m washing dishes, I’m daydreaming … of strawberries. That’s a no brainer.  What else would you day dream about when washing dishes.  Thinking, what else can I make with this glorious berry? SALSA! There are peaches on the counter begging to be used and salsa or chutney came to […]

lunch 6.7

I am in love with this time of year.  perfect temps, cool nights, warm sunshine, the dampness in the air that carries the scent of roses and lavender… this time of year is just the reason why scented garden gems are planted near the windows…to catch their scent on the breeze Heading our to the […]

Lunch 5.31

The local asparagus is still in abundance but not for much longer.   This week’s lunch was a chilled asparagus soup with garden fresh chives. The main salad is composed of locally grown & organic mixed greens & arugula from B&H Organic Produce.  On the bed of greens is a light couscous citrus & mint […]

fruity balsamic

fruity balsamic makes approximately 3-4 cups.  half the recipe, if you like 2 cups or 14 oz pineapple & mango (substitute strawberries, blueberries, pear or maybe some orange) 2 cups balsamic vinegar 1/4 c oil 2 T mustard, dijon, yellow or grainy mustard 3 T agave or honey (sweeten to taste) optional… try some fresh […]

finger lakes part 2: wine & cheese

day 2 . . . I felt like I woke up in heaven with Dan and a view onto lake Cayuga, even though cloudy, it was still beautiful.  Purple finches on the porch and the smell of coffee brewing was enough to get lazy bones moving. Breakfast was divine. Our hostess was a hoot.  That […]